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Decrease Noise, Stress, and Absenteeism with…Plants?!

It’s common knowledge that plants are visually pleasing and increase feelings of workplace comfort, but did you know that plants can also decrease workplace noise, help cure the common cold and decrease stress? Read on to discover seven reasons why you should add some greenery to your workplace.

Cut Down Harmful Air Bacteria and Dust

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NASA conducted a study and over 50 different types of plants were found to reduce air born bacteria overall by 50-60%. Some of these plants can reduce bacteria up to by 87% within 24 hours. According to Washington State University, plants can even reduce dust by 20% in a room.

Maintain Focus and Improve Mood

Studies show that having plant in the workplace, ideally where the employees can see them, will actually reduce stress and improve your overall mood. This is leads to increase productivity by as least 12% and up to 38%.

Increase Humidity

Plants take in our carbon dioxide and give back oxygen in exchange. Oxygen is made of mostly water molecules, which moisturizes and refreshes the air we breathe, which helps to reduce headaches, fatigue and even cold like symptoms.

Decrease Workplace Noise

Studies show that plants can reduce high frequency noise by as much as
20% and can provide as much sound dampening as adding a carpet to a room.

Plants are also a much cheaper (and practical) alternative than carpeting a work-space.


Prevent Absences at Work by Reducing Sick Build Up

Plants are shown to strengthen the immune system. The Agricultural University in Oslo, Norway, conducted a study of more than 45 offices and found that plants can reduce headaches by 30%, sore/dry coughs by 30%, coughs by 40%, and dry facial skin by 25%. It was also shown to reduce employee absenteeism to upwards of 60% just by having plants in the office.

Faster Recovery Time from Medical Issues

A study conducted across multiple hospitals found that patients recover faster from surgery faster when there is a plant present in the recovery room. This is also true for other minor illnesses, such as sore throats and colds.

Reduce Stress and Reduce Mental Health Issues

A Sydney University of Technology study showed that having just one plant can reduce overall stress up to 50%.                                                                                      This study also found plants can help reduce symptoms from mental disorders such as:                                                                                                                              Depression by 58%, anxiety by 37%, fatigue by 38%, Confusion by 30%, anger by 44%, and overall negativity by 65%. 

But how many plants do you need?

Studies have shown that having one large plant for every 2-3people in a room is what can unlock the major benefits listed above.

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By Joey Natale


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