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The Rising Workplace provides comprehensive ergonomic and employee engagement services for corporate, industrial, home office and healthcare settings in the Asheville, Greenville and Charlotte areas.


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On-Site Ergonomic, Injury Prevention & Workplace

Performance Solutions

Assessment, training and consultation for industrial, medical, home and corporate work-spaces.

Where workplace ergonomics and employee engagement meet.

Ergonomic Services:

Ergonomic Assessment and Program Development

Implement a sustainable ergonomics program customized to your job demands and the environment that it is performed in.

Ergonomic Workshops and Training

Whether it’s a 1-hour lunch-and-learn or a full day workshop, our ergonomic specialists teach to your unique workplace ergonomic needs.

Product Installation and Implementation

Our staff facilitates the installation and fitting of recommended ergonomic equipment.

Problem Specific Ergonomic Consultation

Situation specific ergonomic and environmental consultation.

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The Rising Workplace provides comprehensive on-site workplace ergonomic and employee engagement services, designed around the unique space that you work in and the unique people that work within that space. Our ergonomic and engagement specialists are licensed occupational and behavioral health professionals, utilizing an industry leading, evidence-based assessment model that combines on-site personalized inventories with software that measures the interaction between people, process, and the work environment. The data that our assessment yields is used to provide multiple layers of recommendations designed for immediate and long term workplace change, sustainably improving productivity, engagement and retention while decreasing workplace injury. We partner with small, medium and large businesses in corporate, industrial, home-office and medical settings to help them understand and better their overall workplace experience.

 Employee engagement and ergonomic assessments

On-Site, Hands-On Injury Prevention

Our team is lead by licensed occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavioral health professionals. Our industry leading service model is built around workplace injury prevention and developing a culture of employee health and engagement.

 Charlotte Workplace Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Solutions

Is your work-space optimized for the job at hand?

Our ergonomics team conducts a detailed work space assessment to ensure compatibility with an individual's job and personal preferences. Our assessment includes measuring work space environmental factors like lighting, acoustics and visual design.  


 Personalized Work Space Assessments

Increase job comfort, decrease workplace injury, and increase performance with our ergonomic work space assessments. Ergonomic consultation includes a detailed report with recommendations and real time feedback for employees to make changes at the time of our assessment.


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Is your workplace experience aligned with company values and culture?

Our Workplace Ergonomic Assessments determine if the workplace experience and culture is aligned with the standard that leadership defines.

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Evidence-Based Workforce Engagement & Well-Being Scale (WEWS) 

Executive Workforce Report with Recommendations and Implementation

Targeted Employee Focus Groups

Problem Specific Workplace Consultation


Workforce EvaluationS

Improve productivity, retention and engagement.

The Rising Workplace works with clients committed to a transparent workplace experience aligned with corporate values and culture. We help leadership improve workplace well-being and cultural health through providing a better understanding of their workplace experience and the value of enhancing this experience.

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Free 45-Minute Webinar on how to develop effective Workforce Well-Being Initiatives:

 charlotte north carolina ergonomics consultant asheville greenville south carolina ergonomics consultant workplace safety


What is your workplace experience?

We equate workforce well-being and culture with a company’s comprehensive workplace experience. This includes how your workforce experiences social, emotional, physical, environmental, personal and organizational aspects of the workplace.


workforce Training

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Targeted Workforce Workshops

Our onsite and online workshops empower your team with the knowledge and skills to work better and smarter. 


Develop specific areas of team well-being

Workshop topics include: Effective Communication Skills, Personal Finance, Emotional Intelligence for Leadership, and Workplace Mindfulness.


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"Everyone has already been making remarks about how awesome the items are and thanking me for having you over so I know it made a difference...I know it pays off in spades to look after the employees in this way." 

-Kaye Tefel, Owner and Director of Patient Services at Care Solutions

"We had actionable recommendations from day one that worked.” 


-Jon Jones, President and Co-Founder at Anthroware



OMH Solutions Co-Founder and CEO David Weiner, LCSW on maintaining comprehensive employee health: