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Charlotte Ergonomic Services

Charlotte Ergonomist providing Ergonomic Assessment, Ergonomic Training, Ergonomic Workshops, and Ergonomic Consulting for offices, industries and healthcare settings in the Greater Charlotte Area.

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Charlotte Ergonomic Assessments

and Training


" With The Rising Workplace’s help we have made easy, but significant changes that have improved our work spaces.
Five stars for sure!

-Kathy Mlay, Owner at Arnold Mlay Insurance Agency, Inc

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Charlotte Ergonomic Assessment, Training
and Consulting Services

From individual workstation assessments to customized group training, our certified ergonomists have experience providing tailored services to settings that include office, industrial, healthcare, research, and home work environments.

Our assessment and consultation process includes completion of an OSHA - compliant checklist and on-the-spot recommendations and modifications for each employee, performed by a certified ergonomic specialist.

We offer a more in-depth assessment that also examines contributing environmental factors, such as lighting, sound, work routines/ habits, etc. with an emphasis on increasing job comfort, performance and productivity.


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Person Centered Approach

Our assessment model for office and industrial ergonomics examines the dynamic relationship and interactive nature of the person, the work environment, and job demands.  

Services are designed to increase job comfort, enhance work performance, and decrease the likelihood of work-related injuries.

Our services are shown to substantially increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

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Dr. Nikki Weiner OTD, OTR/L, AOEAS is a licensed occupational therapist, clinical director, and co-founder of The Rising Workplace. Nikki leads a team of ergonomic specialists who provide services to multiple major metropolitan areas in addition to providing direct ergonomic services to the greater Charlotte area. Trained as an Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (AOEAS), Nikki performs ergonomic assessment, consulting, and training in a wide variety of workplaces, including industrial, healthcare and office settings. Nikki’s work centers on the dynamic relationship between personal, environmental, and occupational factors in the workplace, with outcomes focused on employee engagement, performance and well-being.

Nikki earned a Bachelor's in Biological Sciences from the University of Georgia and a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy at Washington University in St. Louis. Her other professional roles include serving as a clinical educator, researcher, and practitioner in the adult neuro-rehabilitation field. She is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS). Nikki has been a highly rated presenter at many regional and national conferences, including The National Symposium for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nikki’s professional work has been published in The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, OTJR: Occupation, Participation, and Health, and Today in OT magazine.

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Services include:

Ergonomic Assessment and Screening

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Implement a sustainable ergonomics program customized to your job demands and the environment that it is performed in.

Ergonomic Workshops and Training

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Whether it’s a 1-hour lunch-and-learn or a full day workshop, our ergonomic specialists teach to your unique workplace ergonomic needs.

Product Recommendation and Implementation

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Our staff facilitates the identifying and fitting of recommended ergonomic equipment.

Problem Specific Ergonomic Consultation

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Situation specific ergonomic and environmental consultation.