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Video on ergonomics, employee engagement, workplace wellness, well-being and bettering the workplace experience.

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Educating on Ergonomics, Employee Engagement, and a Greater Workplace Experience.  

Raising the Bar on Employee Well-Being by David Weiner, LCSW


In this 45-minute webinar on employee engagement and well-being David partners with The Platinum Group to:

•Define the current state of employee wellness programs.

•Identify some common workforce wellness trends and effective initiatives to address these trends.

•Review methods for developing effective workforce wellness initiatives.

•Discuss the benefits of having effective workforce well-being initiatives.

Developing Workplace Partnerships Through Team Building

John J Perry, Founder, Chairman, and Senior Consultant at shares his strategy and experience for developing high-performing workplace partnerships through using the ‘VISOR’ team building model:

Vision, Interdependence, Shared values, Open communication, shared Responsibility

Ways to Stay Better Engaged at Work by David Weiner, LCSW

David Weiner, LCSW, co-founder of The Rising Workplace, partners with The Collider to discuss how mindfulness and other techniques can help you better engage in your day to day work activities, whether you're in an office, or working out of your home.